For those of you visiting Llandudno at the end of June and looking for something to do, then brace yourself for the fabulours North Wales Bluegrass Festival, which is set to make its return to Conwy for the 28th year this June. From the 30th of June to the 3rd July, Conwy should expect to see individuals coming together to celebrate the music and its history against the remarkable backdrop of Conwy town and its medieval castle and walls.

The combination of the medieval town of Conwy and the American country music that is Bluegrass seems an unlikely pairing. Yet it continues to work as the festival is brought back once again for its annual celebration.

This year the festival should expect to welcome back hundreds of visitors who wish to enjoy live bluegrass performances from the annual festival hosts Highly Strung, Goodwill from Czech Republic, Britannia Band from Merseyside, The Mairs Family Band from Scotland, the local Conwy Mountain Band and many more. The line up features performers from around the country and beyond, along with dance groups Raise the Dust and Mind the Step to keep the audience entertained and wanting more.

The festival held across 4 days costs £70 per adult for a weekend ticket and £30 for a child’s weekend ticket. Individual day tickets are available on each day of the event and are subject to availability on the day, so to secure your place its best to go early!

The festival takes place within Bodlondeb Park and Cricket Ground, located a 2 minute walk away from the Conwy Estuary Harbour and Quay with its idyllic seaside views of Deganwy. A further walk takes you to the medieval Conwy Castle built back in 1283, with its eight great towers and connecting walls designed for King Edward I by master castle builder James of St. George.

If you’re interested in music festivals but are unsure of what Bluegrass is. It is a form of American root music founded in the 1600’s and is a sub genre of Country music. It was continually inspired by the music of immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and England immigrating to America. Songs were initially written about the day to day life of the immigrants in their new homes of North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia, reflecting the life on farm and in the hills of remote areas.

Whether you’re interested in attending the festival for the whole weekend or just fancy visiting on an odd day to see what all the fuss is about, then Llandudno is the location for you to do it from! Situated a ten minute drive away, Llandudno is the perfect place for you to rest your head and detach from the lively environment of the festival. With regular bus and train links, it is the perfect location to plan your weekend from.

Image Credit: Alfred Cunnlngham. – License